Redemptively Reckless: A Prayer

Redemptively Reckless: A Prayer 150 150 Andrew Hicks

Lord, make me belovedly bold, redemptively reckless and a holy hard head.   Wake me up to sanctified shenanigans, holy mischief, and the wisdom of a certain kind of foolishness.   In the name of that radical crucified rebel, Amen.

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The Gospel According to Leviticus

The Gospel According to Leviticus 1024 576 Andrew Hicks

This is the landing page for my sermon series The Gospel According to Leviticus.  I have been working a curating resources on Leviticus to make it approachable to everyday Jesus followers and I wanted a place to send people where they could find some of those resources. I had a previous post about material on Leviticus,…

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Re-Enchanting Your World

Re-Enchanting Your World 150 150 Andrew Hicks

I am preparing to begin my sermon series The Gospel According to Leviticus on Sunday (1/8/23). This first sermon is titled: “Inhabiting an Enchanted World.” It refers to much of what I have already discussed on this blog about enchantment and disenchantment. This post is a resource landing page that I will reference in my sermon.…

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Saturday Saints: St. Nicholas

Saturday Saints: St. Nicholas 150 150 Andrew Hicks

Here begins a new series on my blog. I make no promises about consistency or regularity with these posts. I will post as I feel interest and inspiration, but I will promise this: when I will post the items in this series it will be on a Saturday. Anything to keep that alliteration going! The…

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A Bibliography of Christology and Soteriology

A Bibliography of Christology and Soteriology 150 150 Andrew Hicks

 Allison, Dale C., Jr. Constructing Jesus: Memory, Imagination, and History. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2013.  _______________. The End of the Ages Has Come: An Early Interpretation of the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 1985.  _______________. The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2009.  _______________. Jesus of Nazareth:…

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