Session 5 Classroom

1: Welcome

Welcome to the Session 5 Classroom.

Everything you need for working through the fifth session is right here on this page. Start with the video lecture. Download the fill-in-the-blank notes page to help you follow along!

After the video move on to the discussion questions, recommended readings, and practice exercises.

If you are still hungry for more go to section 4 and find fun videos relating to session 5 along with more resources to keep your learning going!

2: Session 5 Video Lecture

The fifth session gives helpful insight into reading scripture and praying in Church. Download and print the fill-in-the-blanks notes page:

⬇️ Download Session 5 Notes ⬇️
3: After The Video

4: Keep the Learning Going

Public Reading of Scripture

This is a great video by the Bible Project on public scripture reading.

N. T. Wright on the ``Whole Sweep of Scripture``

This is an inspiring video of world renowned New Testament scholar N. T. Wright talking about reading to grasp the “full sweep of scripture.”

Here is an online article about reading scripture out loud by Richard F. Ward.

Here is the website of an excellent ministry seeking to encourage Christians to practice the public reading of scripture. There are helpful reading plans, audio bible access, suggestions for starting a small group to gather and read God’s word out loud together, and much more. They even offer weekly zoom meetings to commune with other believers and hear God’s word read aloud.

Session 5 Completed