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Glitch Transfiguration 500 573 Andrew Hicks

Glitch Transfiguration

I am preaching on the Transfiguration again this upcoming Sunday (8.13.23) at the Cold Springs Church of Christ. And I am going to be sharing a special picture that I…

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Believe = Love and Trust 619 784 Andrew Hicks

Believe = Love and Trust

I recently read the excellent book Trauma-Informed Evangelism. One of the offhanded remarks in this book really caught my attention and captivated my imagination. The comment actually was a reference to…

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Christ: The Mother Hen 767 1024 Andrew Hicks

Christ: The Mother Hen

My wife and I are just in love with this new icon we found. It is by a female icon painter named Kelly Latimore. This icon is called “Christ: The…

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Homiletical Hijinx: Chat GPT and Preparing Sunday’s Sermon (Part 2) 1024 623 Andrew Hicks

Homiletical Hijinx: Chat GPT and Preparing Sunday’s Sermon (Part 2)

So last time I asked Chat GPT to write my sermon for Sunday about the Ascension. I had fun with it and even used one of the illustrations it gave…

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The Acts of The … ? 1024 686 Andrew Hicks

The Acts of The … ?

What is the title of that fifth book of the New Testament? Yeah! Acts! Have you ever asked yourself, “the acts of whom?” Some Bibles title this book in full…

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Meme Theology: “No Matter Who is President…” 1024 768 Andrew Hicks

Meme Theology: “No Matter Who is President…”

I have always liked this meme. I have never posted it. I’m really not a big social media user. I did mention it in my sermon last Sunday (5.21.23). It…

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An Ascension Hymn 800 1024 Andrew Hicks

An Ascension Hymn

1 See, the Conqu’ror mounts in triumph; see the King in royal state, riding on the clouds, his chariot, to his heav’nly palace gate. Hear the choir of angel voices…

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A Bibliography of Christology and Soteriology 150 150 Andrew Hicks

A Bibliography of Christology and Soteriology

 Allison, Dale C., Jr. Constructing Jesus: Memory, Imagination, and History. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2013.  _______________. The End of the Ages Has Come: An Early Interpretation of the Passion and…

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Mary, Christmas, Eve 150 150 Andrew Hicks

Mary, Christmas, Eve

I have seen this art piece floating around for several years now. I post it to share with any who might have seen it also and wanted to know more…

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Leaning Into Leviticus 6 – “Priest” 150 150 Andrew Hicks

Leaning Into Leviticus 6 – “Priest”

One of the most prominent words in the book of Leviticus – based on my word cloud I made and referenced in a previous post – is “Priest.” Contrary to what…

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