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Confession of Sin from the Book of Common Prayer 873 635 Andrew Hicks

Confession of Sin from the Book of Common Prayer

I have been praying the daily office from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) recently. I LOVE fixed-hour prayers like this. I love all the scripture and prayers. I love…

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Believe = Love and Trust 619 784 Andrew Hicks

Believe = Love and Trust

I recently read the excellent book Trauma-Informed Evangelism. One of the offhanded remarks in this book really caught my attention and captivated my imagination. The comment actually was a reference to…

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Blessed: A Review 537 586 Andrew Hicks

Blessed: A Review

I recently read Blessed: A History of the American Prosperity Gospel. Published by Oxford University Press, this book is a heavy hitter. It is a detailed and thorough history of the…

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A Prayer For Mental Health 1024 538 Andrew Hicks

A Prayer For Mental Health

My friend Cheyenne wrote this prayer and prayed it on Sunday at Church (7.16.23). It is a prayer specifically geared to address mental health concerns. That being said, here’s the…

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Why Church of Christ? 600 600 Andrew Hicks

Why Church of Christ?

I get asked by friends on a semi-regular basis. I ask myself regularly. It is an important question and how I answer it has great consequences. The question is: why…

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Blogging Church of Christers 600 600 Andrew Hicks

Blogging Church of Christers

This is a list of blogs that I am aware of from folk across the Church of Christ. I am quite sure there are more than I will ever be…

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The Acts of The … ? 1024 686 Andrew Hicks

The Acts of The … ?

What is the title of that fifth book of the New Testament? Yeah! Acts! Have you ever asked yourself, “the acts of whom?” Some Bibles title this book in full…

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Ministry Jobs in the Restoration Movement 1024 683 Andrew Hicks

Ministry Jobs in the Restoration Movement

I understand what it’s like to be a minister looking for a job and wondering how the heck to find a job. I have pointed various friends to this page…

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Meme Theology: “No Matter Who is President…” 1024 768 Andrew Hicks

Meme Theology: “No Matter Who is President…”

I have always liked this meme. I have never posted it. I’m really not a big social media user. I did mention it in my sermon last Sunday (5.21.23). It…

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The Transfiguration: An Introduction 695 1024 Andrew Hicks

The Transfiguration: An Introduction

The Explicit Accounts The Transfiguration is a key event in the life of Jesus Christ. The scene is recounted explicitly only in the Synoptic gospels (i.e. Matthew, Mark, and Luke,…

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