A Prayer of Abandonment to God

A Prayer of Abandonment to God

A Prayer of Abandonment to God 330 450 Andrew Hicks

Another prayer from Celtic Daily Prayer. It is by Charles de Foucauld.

Father, I abandon myself 

into Your hands. 

Do with me what You will,

whatever You do, I will thank You, 

I am ready for all, I accept all. 

Let only Your will be done in me, 

as in all Your creatures, 

and I’ll ask nothing else, my Lord. 


Into Your hands I commend my spirit; 

I give it to You

with all the love of my heart, 

for I love You, Lord, 

and so need to give myself, 

to surrender myself into Your hands

with a trust beyond all measure, 

because You are my Father.


This moved me in some profound ways. What a beautiful reminder that we need to surrender ourselves into the loving hands of our Father. I have need to fall into my earthly Father and Mother’s hands for a loving embrace why would I not have the same need with my Father and Mother in heaven?

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