Blogging Church of Christers

Blogging Church of Christers

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This is a list of blogs that I am aware of from folk across the Church of Christ. I am quite sure there are more than I will ever be able to summarize in this list, but as anyone who finds this blog will know, I love lists. I encourage you to help me by supplying me with your own blog or by sharing other blogs that you are aware of.

So here is a list of blogs from people who are in the Churches of Christ. The list is not necessarily limited to ministers, but is primarily from ministers. The scope is religious oriented blogs. I do not include blogs that have multiple contributors; only the blogs of individuals (though some of those individual’s blogs contain guest posts). I do include blogs that have been inactive for a long time, but are still accessible. I do include blogs from people across the Churches of Christ (main-line, progressive, anti-institutional). I do not include blogs from the International Churches of Christ (I’m not against my friends in the ICOC. It just falls outside the scope of this list).

The list is organized as follows: name of blog first and then the name associated with the blog. If there is no specific name for the blog it is just the name of the individual. The list is in alphabetical order by last name of the blogger. Some bloggers have multiple sites because of old outdated blogs that are still accessible or because they address different topics for those separate blogs. If either one of those is the case they are organized in alphabetical order by the names of the site.

All these links are working and accurate as of 5/26/23. If you find any that are not working please comment and let me know or message me on my contact page. The same thing goes if you are aware of any places where jobs are posted that are not listed here. Thanks in advance!

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