Eugene Peterson: An Introduction

Eugene Peterson: An Introduction

Eugene Peterson: An Introduction 150 150 Andrew Hicks

A professor of mine once said that he read everything C. S. Lewis ever wrote because he was his favorite spiritual author. I like C. S. Lewis too, but not to the point that I would make that kind of commitment. I tucked that little idea away in my mind until I had found someone that I thought I would be willing to dedicate myself to like that. My favorite spiritual author of all time is Eugene Peterson. His work has deeply shaped me and formed me into who I am and am becoming. Peterson is the one that I have committed to reading everything he has written. This is going to be my landing page for my journey in the years to come on Eugene Peterson. I will place here links to websites and articles I find. I will also place here my ongoing attempt to create an exhaustive bibliography of all of Peterson’s writings.

Last updated 11/10/22

Websites & Articles

A Reader’s Guide to the books of Eugene Peterson (not exhaustive)

The Eugene Peterson Center for Christian Imagination

Draft of my Peterson Bibliography


Bono & Eugene Peterson – The Psalms

Peterson: In Between the Man and the Message

Eugene Peterson – The Bible, Poetry, and Active Imagination

Eugene Peterson on the Difference Between ‘Studying’ and ‘Reading’ the Bible¬†

Eugene Peterson Discusses Viewing Our Daily Work as Holy

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