Invocation of the Holy Spirit

Invocation of the Holy Spirit

Invocation of the Holy Spirit 330 450 Andrew Hicks

My friend Alex told me something profound today. He said, “It wasn’t me. It was the Holy Spirit.”

Anyone who has been in the Churches of Christ knows just how revolutionary that statement really is for him to have made and for me to have agreed with it. We both grew in faith with the impression that the Holy Spirit wasn’t something for “us,” but only for those Pentecostals next door.

I praise God that in more and more Churches of Christ (and other historically cessasionist traditions and denominations) the Holy Spirit is finally being listened to and related to.

Come Holy Spirit. Here’s for more of that.

Here is a prayer that is in the very beginning of a new prayer book my lovely wife bought me for our anniversary. The prayer book is Celtic Daily Prayer: Prayers and Readings from the Northumbria Community. You can find their daily office cycle online for free here. And I anticipate posting more about it in the very near future too! The prayer is titled “Invocation of the Holy Spirit.” Here it is:

Most powerful Holy Spirit,

come down

upon us

and subdue us. 

From heaven, 

were the ordinary

is made glorious, 

and glory seems

but ordinary, 

bathe us

with the brilliance 

of Your light

like dew. 

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