Jonah: Free Resources for Study

Jonah: Free Resources for Study

Jonah: Free Resources for Study 807 605 Andrew Hicks

Here are a few free resources for your personal study of the book of Jonah. Whether you are a member at the Bastrop Church of Christ who wants to study supplementally with my sermons from Jonah or someone who stumbled across this site for another reason. Either way, welcome. I pray this would be a blessing to your study. May the God of scandalous mercy be with you.

Jonah on STEP Bible – the notes, word studies, summaries, and guides are excellent material for the church member seeking to study Jonah.

Jonah Overview – The Bible Project has an excellent video that gives a broad overview/introduction to the book of Jonah. The “poster” that ends up being sketched throughout the video is downloadable and printable. I recommend printing it and taking notes on the back side of it. Then you can stick it in your Bible and have it for later to reference and/or take more notes on!

Our Assumptions About Jonah – This is a free “sneak peak” of the Bible Project’s classroom program. This episode is about an hour long and contains some excellent information for your consideration by a great teacher, Tim Mackie, one of the founders of the Bible Project.

The Amazing Jonah Podcast – This link is to the first episode (out of 5) of the Amazing Jonah podcast by the Bible Project. This is great material and it’s all free! You could sit down and listen with an open Bible and notebook or you could listen casually while driving to/from work.

Rediscovering Jonah – This is the first of several episodes on Jonah from the Bible for Normal People podcast. This is probably going to be a bit outside some people’s comfort zone because of the progressive perspective of its author, Jared Byas. Give it a chance if you are looking for something to challenge you.

You Jonah! – This little poem by Thomas Carlisle is a beautiful little piece worth your meditation and reflection.

*If you are aware of some quality free resources on Jonah please comment below and let us know!

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