Keep Me In Touch With My Dreams

Keep Me In Touch With My Dreams

Keep Me In Touch With My Dreams 389 400 Andrew Hicks

Yet Another prayer from Ted Loder and then I will take a break from posting his prayers so much and share other things for a while. This one has been particularly meaningful for me in a period of recovery and rebuilding of my faith. I grew up in a context where dreams were viewed with suspicion so to pray and ask God to keep me in touch with my dreams felt very wrong at first, but the more I prayed it the more I knew it was right. It was right in the deepest sense of the word: it was true. Maybe you will find it to be so also. This prayer is titled “Keep Me IN Touch With My Dreams.”

O Lord,

in the turbulence

and the loneliness

of my living from day to day

and night to night,

keep me in touch with my roots,

so I will remember where I cam from

and with whom;

keep me in touch with my feelings

so I will be more aware of who I really am

and what it costs;

keep me in touch with my mind

so I will know who I am not

and what that means;

and keep me in touch with my dreams

so I will grow toward where I want to go

and for whom.

O Lord,

deliver me

from the arrogance of assuming

I know enough to judge others;

deliver me

from the timidity of presuming

I don’t know enough to help others;

deliver me

from the illusion of claiming I have changed enough

when I have only risked little,

that, so liberated,

I will make some of the days to come different.

O Lord,

I ask not to be delivered

from the tensions that wind me tight,

But I do ask for a sense of direction in which to move once wound,

a sense of humor about my disappointments,

a sense of respect for the elegant puzzlement of being human,

and a sense of gladness for your kingdom

which comes in spite of my fretful pulling and tugging.

O Lord,

nurture in me

the song of a lover,

the vision of a poet,

the questions of a child,

the boldness of a prophet,

the courage of a disciple.

O Lord,

it is said you created people

because you love stories.

Be with me as I live out my story.

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