Session 3 Classroom

1: Welcome

Welcome to the Session 3 Classroom.

Everything you need for working through the third session is right here on this page. Start with the video lecture. Download the fill-in-the-blank notes page to help you follow along!

After the video move on to the discussion questions, recommended readings, and practice exercises.

If you are still hungry for more go to section 4 and find fun videos relating to session 3 and a downloadable powerpoint presentation about focus, function, and form in more detail.

2: Session 3 Video Lecture

The third session teaches you about how to animate and bring to life your sermon so that people can receive it with ease. Download and print the fill-in-the-blanks notes page:

⬇️ Download Session 3 Notes ⬇️
3: After The Video

4: Keep the Learning Going

``Totally Like Whatever, You Know?``

A poem written and performed by Taylor Mali about speaking with confidence and conviction.

Here is a presentation Andrew prepared about focus, function, and form with more detail than time allowed in the video lecture.