Ministry Jobs in the Restoration Movement

Ministry Jobs in the Restoration Movement

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In a post from a few years ago that had general reference links to things related to the Restoration Movement I included a list of job postings from the college websites of the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. I wanted to tidy up that post and make sure all the links were still working which I recently did, but as I worked on that page I realized it would be more convenient and tidy if I had a separate page just for the purpose of finding a job as a minister in the Churches of Christ or Christian Churches/Churches of Christ.

I have pointed various friends to this page and they have found it helpful. I understand what it’s like to be a minister looking for a job and wondering how the heck to find a job. I created this page as a service to my fellow ministers of the Lord. It will primarily benefit those in the two specific branches of the Restoration Movement that I mentioned above, but others might find the first list of general job sites helpful nonetheless.

General Job Sites

These job sites are not denomination or tradition specific. You can still occasionally find jobs posting for Christian Churches or Disciples Churches on these sites though.

Church of Christ Jobs

These jobs are largely specific to the Churches of Christ (CoC). You will find some postings for other kinds of churches occasionally as well, but primarily on the sites from the CoC colleges that are more open-minded such as Pepperdine, Lipscomb, or Abilene. I have also included in this list the unaccredited schools of preaching from the CoC. Many of these are churches that are exclusively a cappella and/or non-institutional or anti-institutional.

Christian Church/Churches of Christ Jobs

These jobs are primarily from the Christian Church/Churches of Christ, but you will find postings for other kinds of churches mixed in as well.

All these links are working and accurate as of 5/25/23. If you find any that are not working please comment and let me know or message me on my contact page. The same thing goes if you are aware of any places where jobs are posted that are not listed here. Thanks in advance!

Also, blessings on you if you are searching for a job! Feel free to reach out if you would like to have someone to chat with as you pray and discern what is next. I do not have lots of answers, but I would love to listen to a fellow minister of the Lord.

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