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Intertestamental Literature

The Apocrypha: An Introduction 1024 683 Andrew Hicks

The Apocrypha: An Introduction

One set of questions I get a lot as a minister and a teacher is about the Apocrypha: “What is the Apocrypha?” “Why do Catholics have extra books in their…

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The Septuagint: An Introduction 683 1024 Andrew Hicks

The Septuagint: An Introduction

Have you ever seen those footnotes in your Bible that have “LXX…” in them? Have you ever wondered what those are? You are not alone. If your Bible doesn’t have…

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Resurrecting the Importance of the Resurrection 1024 502 Andrew Hicks

Resurrecting the Importance of the Resurrection

In honor of Easter, let’s talk about the resurrection. Growing up I heard lots about the cross. I heard a multitude of sermons and classes on the so-called “seven statements…

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