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Welcome to Text and Context. (Yes, I know that the Es are missing from the title. It is on purpose.) I am glad you are here. This is an experiment in theology for the church. This is a place for everyone to share their perspective. Read more about it on the About page.

In the coming months and years you will, no doubt, read things that you disagree with on this site. That’s ok. Disagreement can be holy when it is practiced in a context of Christian love and charity. The theologian Krister Stendahl once gave three pieces of advice for talking to people of other religions. (Here is a site that explains them.) I would imagine, Stendahl’s advice works for people of different religious traditions within the Christian faith as well.

The piece from his advice that stands out to me the most is the last one: leave room for holy envy. Barbara Brown Taylor has written an intriguing little book using this as her title: Holy Envy. I pray that this website helps foster a space for holy envy. More than that, I pray it provides space for holy argument.

You will think I am wrong about some stuff. That’s ok. I will think you are wrong about some stuff. That’s ok too. Let’s agree to disagree. Let’s grab coffee sometime and tell each other our points of view. Let’s engage each other in holy argument and leave room for holy envy.

It is time to explore the text of scripture and the contexts that are relevant to its study. It’s time to argue. It’s time to learn. Again, welcome.

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