A Poem From A Momma’s Heart

A Poem From A Momma’s Heart

A Poem From A Momma’s Heart 1024 678 Hannah Hicks

I wrote this poem today after a sleepless night.

Oh, to be alone.

But how alone I’d feel. 

My life wouldn’t be the same.

My life wouldn’t be real.

Oh, for better nights.

To restore my mind with sleep.

But even though I lack,

The memories I still keep.

Oh, for quiet moments.

But those become tiring too.

For there is nothing I’d rather hear

Than the noises that come from you.

Oh, for empty arms.

I sure could get more done.

But what does it really matter?

Too soon you’ll be gone.

The tears I cry are not in vain.

I really am okay.

Boy, you are what I live for.

Each and every day.

To all of you parents struggling after a sleepless night- you’ve got this.

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