A Prayer for Attempting to Begin Quiet Time

A Prayer for Attempting to Begin Quiet Time

A Prayer for Attempting to Begin Quiet Time 1024 740 Andrew Hicks

I wrote this one morning as I sat and attempted to begin my morning quiet time. I find myself praying something like this quite frequently so I thought I would write it down. Once I wrote it down I quite liked it actually so I thought I would share it. Here it is. Enjoy.


Oh God, I come to you humbly and imperfectly. 

But I believe that my feeble attempts at concentrated attention please you even more than any sustained concentrated attention. 

Thanks for that. 

I know I will be distracted by something at some point: 

  • dogs barking
  • wife talking (or singing or informing or something else)
  • baby crying (or laughing or waving or something else)
  • goats bleeting
  • gates opening and closing
  • neighbors talking (or driving or something else)
  • thoughts about my outfit
  • thoughts about my weight
  • hunger grumblings
  • worrying about my job
  • fears about the economy
  • random memories from childhood
  • an important (but annoying) phone call that I must make (or receive)
  • the cat staring at me
  • worrying about my sermon
  • a fly (or gnat or wasp or something else)

But here I am anyway. 

Attempting to carve out a few fleeting moments of holiness or transcendence or honest or something else that I can’t quite name. 

I don’t really know what I am going for here, but this: 

Would you take my attempt at pray as a prayer? 

I hope so. Maybe that will be enough. 


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