Leviticus: Suggested Resources for Study

Leviticus: Suggested Resources for Study

Leviticus: Suggested Resources for Study 150 150 Andrew Hicks

Here are a few free resources (and a few suggested affordable resources) for your personal study of the book of Leviticus. Whether you are a member at the Bastrop Church of Christ who wants to study supplementally with my Sunday morning sermons from Leviticus or someone who stumbled across this site for another reason. Either way, welcome. I pray this would be a blessing to your study. May the Holy One of Israel make you to be holy as He is holy. Amen.

Free Resources:

Leviticus Overview– Here is the standard overview video of Leviticus from the Bible Project. As always, you can read the transcript from the video and download the poster. There is also a more detailed video on Leviticus here. Here is a video on how to read Biblical law. Here is a video on atonement and sacrifice (and an article). Here is an article specifically about the day of atonement.

STEP Bible on Leviticus – Here is the STEP Bible’s page for the book of Leviticus. This allows you to see some chapter and book summaries, a few study notes, and explore a bit about the Hebrew text behind our translations.

NET Bible on Leviticus– The New English Bible is an online on-going translation project. The translation is original and the notes are excellent!

NABRE on Leviticus– This is the Introduction and study notes from the New American Bible Revised Edition for the book of Leviticus. There’s some great stuff in here!

Leviticus Sermons – This is the link to the Txtandcontxt Podcast where I post my weekly sermons from Leviticus. Just scroll through the episodes and search for the ones that say “Sermon – …”

Leviticus on VCS – For something a little different and more reflective, browse through art related to the book of Leviticus from the Visual Commentary on Scripture site.

Spoken Gospel on Leviticus – Spoken Gospel is a poetic project with introductions, devotionals, and podcasts relating to a broad range of material in scripture.

“The Goat Has Left the Building” – A Sermon given by Rob Bell at Willow Creek Community Church on Leviticus 16.

Blood, Boils, and Blessings – A sermon series from Kings Church on the book of Leviticus.

The Hard and the Holy: What the Book of Leviticus Means for Today – A devotional on the book of Leviticus from First 5.

Structure is Theology: The Composition of Leviticus – An article about the compositional structure of the book of Leviticus and how its structure reveals the intention of its theological message.

Leviticus and Work – A short series of web articles about a theology of work in Leviticus.

“Pete Ruins Leviticus” – A podcast from the Bible For Normal People about Leviticus.

Affordable Resources:

Blood, Guts, and Fire: The Gospel According to Leviticus – This is a long from audio commentary on the book of Leviticus by Rob Bell. The cost is $30, but you keep the download forever and has an app so you can listen to it on the go.

*If you are aware of some quality free resources on the book of Leviticus please comment below and let us know!

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