This is a class covering basic communication theory and its usage in service to your local church context. This class is for those who have opportunity to preach, teach, or lead a small group in their church context. This class is for those who read scripture or pray in church. This class is for anyone who wants to serve the church in anyway with communication.

Originally, this class was part of a Practicum requirement for completion of the Masters of Divinity from Harding School of Theology in Memphis, Tennessee. The hope from the start was that it would outlive itself and be usable for others for years to come. Explore the content on this page and use it. Please contact us if you have any questions about the class or experience any problems with the page.

Regardless of what church tradition or denomination you come from, welcome! May you be blessed in your service to the Lord and His church. In the beginning was the conversation, may you join in. Amen.

First Published October 2022

Last Updated October 2022

How to Use this Class

There are 5 sessions for Communication for Serving the Church. For each session there is a “classroom.” The “classroom” is a well organized web page with all the material for each session in sequential order. Begin with session 1 classroom and proceed through each in order.


Special thanks to the Gathering for supporting me in the original live version of this class. Thanks to Bastrop Church of Christ for supporting this project with such love and cheer. Thanks to the students of the original live class: Hillrey, MaryMac, Linda, Rosemary and Sharon, Alex B. and Alex D., David and Tracy, Oran and Juanice, Max and Heather, Terry and Ron, Fay, Eddie, and Becca. Thank you also to my mentor Dr. Bland and my advisor Dr. Laird for all the feedback, encouragement, and ideas. To God be the story!